4 top sexual problems in men

Satisfying their women is one o the major concerns for a lot of men and once a man satisfies his lady then, she would be in total control of him but, if he fails to do he loses his respect and there could also be a lot of issues in maintaining the relationship well. Mentioned below are the top four sexual dysfunction problems found in men.

  • Erectile issues

A lot of men find issues when it comes to erection and this can be due to stress. Sometime the woman who you are with may be dominating and when you take a hit on the confidence, you may face issues with erectile.

sexual dysfunction

  • Quantity of semen

A lot of men face the issue with the production of semen. While men would love to give a lot of pleasure to their women, they should also look for a lot of issues to be solved at the same time and that can be the quantity of semen and this is also one of the major sexual problems in men.

  • Deficiency in Testosterone

This can be one of the major issues faced by a lot of men and this can even affect the bones and physical health of the person. Hence, it is advisable to get a medical checkup done when you have Deficiency in Testosterone.

  • Erection problems

Some of the people would not be able to ejaculate at the right time. It can be prolonged or it can be a premature one and this can lead to a lot of issues. Hence, this is one of the hardbe problems found in men.

If you have problems related to sexual health you could always get in touch with your doctor and get the issues sorted quickly even before it becomes something large.