DJI Mavic Pro Offers Superb Drone Camera

Functionally, one of the best drone camera can be expected in DJI Mavic Pro. It is a compact, highly portable drone and comes with a lot of features. This drone can be slightly expensive but can also produce the best aerial photography available. It has also been conferred a Red Dot award for its exclusive design. It has tough hulls built within it so that it can easily withstand a few unforeseen crashes!

best drone camera

  • It has some cool design and features – The complete design is quite encouraging as it has foldable arms for easy carriage. It also comes with a portable controller. However, in many drone camera reviews, its three axis gimbal has been given a thumbs down due to the loose way of holding. Anyway, its compact controller and portability feature makes up for this disadvantage. There are six available flight modes in this drone – “Dronie”, “Orbit”, “Reveal”, “Cable Cam”, “Gesture” and Terrain Follow” and all of this can offer enough options. For sensing obstacles and having an efficient tracking, there is an ActiveTrack and Optical Flow software from DJI. Moreover, its OcuSync video transmission system can help in shooting 1080p HD videos and offers a range of more than 4 miles to the drone.
  • Video quality and flight performance is awesome – It has one of the best drone cameras in action as it can shoot 4k videos at 120 fps. However, at maximum 4k, fps can be limited to 30. It is also capable of taking 12.7 photographs. The motors of this drone are powerful and can enable it to fly at a speed of 40-50 miles per hour. That means, it can cover 100 meters within 5.3 seconds! The battery backup of the drone is also quite impressive as it can stay in air for around 30 minutes at one go!

Due to all these features, this drone is also very highly desired by many drone enthusiasts.