How are modern dietary nutritional details different from age old ones

In the olden days, hardly anyone ever took dietary supplements. Infact, supplements Canada and other countries had not even heard of. Words which are household names today such as glucosmart were unheard of and so were national nutrition charts.

national nutrition

Things changed though and that too pretty rapidly in the recent past. The reason that supplements Canada and other countries almost see as a necessity to promote, stem from a variety of factors. There is the national nutrition index which gives a pretty holistic view of the issue.


There are various reasons why modern man needs to take these dietary supplements. The reasons are as follows :

  1. In the olden days, people would spend most of their days outdoors. That way they would be exposed to enough sunlight. That would help in the formation of Vitamin D, which would aid calcium formation and developing of strong bones and teeth. In today’s world, everyone spends their time either indoors or even when they are commuting or travelling, they are not exposed to direct sunlight. They are usually shielded inside vehicles. The body does not have the opportunity to build it’s Vitamin D.
  2. The stress of modern life is so much that the body is not able to process the food and absorb the nutrients from the food consumed. Therefore, supplements Canada and other countries promote. This is also the reason glucosmart is another household name.
  3. People eat a lot of junk food, food that has empty calories and thus the need to get their nutrition from other supplements is a necessity as per the national nutrition.
  4. People that are health conscious or exercise a lot need more nutrients than can be found in normal food, especially as the modern fruits and vegetables lack nutrients due to the depletion levels of nutrients from the soil.