How playing Ceme online is different from Domino99

Playing games or gambling online is so convenient that everyday millions of players play these games/ gamble online every day. With technology advancement games can be played on web, android phones, i-phones, apple or i-pads.  Player just needs to have access to the internet.

Popularity of online gambling

These games are played at the global level that means people from various parts of world can play or gamble with each other from their respective places that too at the same time.  Gambling or playing game online has become a kind of recreation activity for many people. There are thousands of poker, domino and other judi online games available on internet these days.

judi online

One of the simplest and easiest games which can be played using domino cards is Ceme. Playing ceme online is quite similar to Domino 99. However ceme is much easier as well as simpler version of Domino 99. The game of ceme is all about making bet and showing cards, it does not involve decision making like Domino99.

Comparing Ceme with Domino 99

Ceme and Domino 99 both games are played using domino cards. The major difference lies in the number of cards that are distributed to players. In Domino 99 each player is given 4 cards whereas in ceme only 2 cards are given to each player. Winner of the game is based on the total of the cards of each player. In Ceme player does not get chance to take decisions like fold, bet or raise, this game is all about placing a bet and opening of card. Game of ceme cannot be played without a dealer whereas no such condition is there in Domino99. One of the reasons for player selecting ceme over domino 99 is that this is rotation is much faster. However there are various online sites where player judi online/gamble online on either both or any of the game.