Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Console Versus Online

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has gained massive popularity among multiplayer online video games and pubg hacks have big contribution in its success story. These hacks are being used by the players from various secondary sources. PUBG developer has expressed its concern over the use of cheats and said that their team is trying to develop new tools and will take stern action against cheaters. The gamers are not happy with this announcement because number of players have been banned for using the cheats. The cheating complaints have no end, but gamers are not looking from the positive viewpoint for their gaming experience. These controversies are usual in gaming world when hacks are preferred by the users to enhance their gaming experience.

pubg hacks

PUBG – console vs online mode

You have option to play this game on Xbox One using PUBG console version which is a safe play, but you have no option to use even a single PUBG hack from any secondary source because this a close-end version to be played on game console and you don’t make use of online facility to download or acquire anything extra via a web application. Thus, you must abide by the restriction from the game developer for its original version. But this is not sufficient for gamers. As a gamer, you would like to have added advantages of this game. You need some upgrade or hack tool to get cheats which the game developer has not provided. The online version is the solution to this issue, but it may have some inherent risks of getting viruses from malicious software. The choice is between more fun and protection.

The ultimate choice

Choosing between two options is difficult for gamers for different caliber. Freshers may choose console version because they will play from the perspective of fun which is not just enough for experienced gamers. They always expect more from the game for which they wouldn’t mind taking some risk by using game hacks.