Replica Watches Created Setback for Swiss Watch Brands

Replica, counterfeit or fake is the term used in the same context for watches that are imitate of a real brand, but not manufactured by the brand itself. Replica watches have billions of dollars of business today and these watches are sold freely in the international markets. The problem is so big that watch makers have failed to put a curb on this. The business of leading Swiss companies hasgreatly suffered only because of large sale of replica watches. Everybody knows that selling and buying counterfeit of a brand is illegal, but nobody cares.

Steps to curb replica sale

There have not been taken any effective steps so far to put a noose over the replica manufacturers. Rolex being the apex Swiss brand is the biggest suffer because of Rolex replica watches.

Rolex replica watches

Other leading Swiss manufacturers are also getting the setback in their business and they had launched an awareness campaign to spread the message that “Fake Watches Are for Fake People”, but this has not affected the sale of replica watches. Online sale of these watches is growing day by day and no one can stop this because people buy them, and this could be the reason for failure of awareness campaign.

Other industry that suffered

The effect of replica watch sale is not limited the Rolex brand, the brands such as Panerai and Breitling have also suffered because of large sale of Panerai and Breitling replica watches. Breitling is serving its loyal customers for many years with its good looking and durable watches. Panerai has its own style and a class of customers, but online sale of Panerai replica watches has created a major setback for this brand. This is not the end but an ongoing process. Many other watch brands are facing this crisis, but online replica watch industry is flourishing and creating continuous setback for Swiss watch brand makers.