Things to know about Tennis elbow

Before going deep into problems of tennis elbow, let’s know about it first. Tennis elbow as its name suggests is a pain that occurs near the elbow. It is often caused due to frequent back hand movements like typing, lifting of weights uncomfortably or any repetitive hand movements. All these can lead to pain in your elbow. Stating from minor aches to pains ranging night long. You will often feel the pain staring from elbow towards the wrist. When working in the same hand position all the time, you will feel the pain. Recovering from lokiec tenisisty is not easy.  It often takes lot of time to heal and that’s the reason doctors’ advice for a visit to fizjoterapeuta.  Even it looks quite simple it is not easy to get it recovered by physiotherapy.  You may need 1-2 years to get fully recovered.  Seeing how much damage has been caused, your physiotherapy can suggest you the time line. The best you can do about it is to give it some rest.

lokiec tenisisty

Here are some of the treatments of tennis elbow:

  1. Icing the elbow: If your elbow starts getting swelled due to the pain. Then best you can do it is put ice to it. Experts also advice to do so for 20-30 twice a day till there is some improvement.
  2. Opt for an elbow strap: You will have to get a strap for your swelled elbow so as to protect it from getting further damaged. Sometimes much strain can inure it so opt for a strap.
  3. Exercises by Physiotherapist: the Massage and stretching exercises suggested by physiotherapist can help you strengthen your muscles. These exercises are meant to eliminate stiffness and encourage proper motion of your hand which adds up to your flexibility.